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We live in a world with two economic circuits in which capital flows.

Firstly, capital markets are awash with liquidity-- this is where Bernanke has pumped in trillions and it has pumped up commodities and stocks. Commodities however have retained more of the inflationary pressure from this printing spree as investors see these 'hard assets' as safer bets than corporations, which in recent time operate as quasi-financial outfits just as susceptible to the moral hazard that has permeated the financial sector.

The middle class and small business are tight, banks have lost faith in American industry and the American middle class this is evident in the tight lending. This along with the outsourcing of labor to the third world has left America’s middle class largely dependent on debt that is vanishing as we speak. So we are seeing a serious bout of stagflation that should continue in the near future.

@ 2:30 Zuckerberg reluctantly showing some sort of occult pentagram he wears on his back-- look at him squirm, his face says it all. I'm not into the occult or very religious at all for that matter, but obviously this guy is into something a bit odd. I like the fact that hes dressed quite shabbily in what looks like a Gap hoodie, imitating a college kid to the tee yet he's one of the richest men in America.

And no I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but next to snitches I hate liars or people who pretend to be something they are not. This guy is clearly a sociopath.

Max is seeing another big leg down in early 2013 and this is coincides with many pundits who see this collapse being telegraphed as a post election landing.

This is more or less the austerity party line whether you were in Latin America during the 90's-- where this craze first took off-- or in present day America and the EU. Just remember kids the choice is yours.

Can you really blame Venezuelans for not wanting more of what they endured during austerity measures imposed in the pre-Chavez years? Even if Chavez is not the most astute student economics-- his policies still beat neoclassical austerity charades  by a wider margin than the bought, corporate media that claimed he'd LOSE by just nights before the election.


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