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Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

SLV 33.51
+0.01 (0.03%)
After Hours: 33.64 +0.13 (0.39%)
Oct 3, 7:46PM EDT
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33.42 - 33.70

52 week 25.34 - 36.44
Open 33.68
Vol. 911,970.00
Mkt cap 10.91B
P/E 12.89
PSLV 14.08
0.00 (0.00%)
Oct 3 - Close
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14.05 - 14.15

52 week 10.87 - 16.50
Open 14.15
Vol. 54,711.00
Mkt cap 1.46B
P/E -

Silver is approximately 3 dollars away from its 52 week high. And through the election chatter, with rabble rousing political debates it could see a bit more incremental growth. However, I don’t see it breaking past its 46+ peak from August of 2011 just yet. That might have to wait till after the election high is over. [This is in line with Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Et. Al.]

In any case I’ve been tracking silver for quite some time (its one of my preferred investments). I would say, if you want to surf it, and you been on for the last few months it might seem like a good time to cash in, but I think that it won’t actually taper off till sometime in the 2nd quarter of next year-- where I sense it could have a step inflection in either direction.

The problem with Bernanke's tactic is that he is providing more money to creditors with the expectation that they will lend again. The problem is that it doesn't address the historic private debt levels that these same creditors took part in-- which in reality towers over public debt. Banks are thus reluctant to lend to small businesses and those with lower net worth-- so we see a rise in foreign lending and a rush into commodities like gold, silver, and oil.

Here's another reason why we just don't get it yet... Hacks that distort economic principles.

Keynesian economics is focused on creating demand for good and services [demand side economics]. Typically done by directly creating jobs that provide living wages to people through public projects (e.g., building bridges, roads, railways, etc.)

Liberal economics, which both parties continue to practice, provides liquidity to credit suppliers. The hope is that money will trickle down. (i.e., supply side economics.) Its main objective is to empower capital.

So we feed bankers more money while allowing them to keep bad loans on the books that they continue to hold over many Americans heads. In any case, Keynesianism doesn't apply to either wing of our government. Lets call a spade a spade, we're on the NEOLIBERAL ECONOMICS boat!


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