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Jim Cramer took a swipe at “contrarian investors” today on CNBC. The corporate business press continues to fawn over Wall Street firms as they attempt keep morale up in the American equities markets. Back in November we recommended shorting category killers and department stores, while Cramer went bullish on Best Buy. Although their live email on layaway was a nice touch, it might be a little late for those who bit the bullet--maybe next Christmas!

Yes, since 2008 taking the “contrarian view” has been at the forefront of profitability, so what’s so contrarian about that? With unemployment settling well into double digits, what has really changed in order to trigger a shift back towards equities? Other than pumping out dollars, there hasn’t been any major legislative measure that genuinely tackles the organized graft, fraud and shrouded accounting practices that plague US equities markets. Until there are real teeth attached to regulatory legislation, consider the US equity market a short seller’s paradise... CONTINUED BELOW

An oldie but goodie. Jim Cramer's candid video on market manipulation. I have to give him some credit for putting this on tape.

After all, we're not mad at him, he's just playing the game and making out like a bandit.

Check out part 2 below for MarketShorter's view on Mr. Cramer's shenanigans.


We’ve been following Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert's work for quite some time and suffice it to say, he is a genuine asset to all investors. His analysis, opinion, and range of guests rival my time spent in business school—if you add in the cost, I was probably swindled! I’d venture to endorse Keiser as the Noam Chomsky of the financial sector, providing financial literacy to the masses.  He delivers the brash truth about financial markets and his coverage of the precious metals sector is not only on target, but red hot! We highly recommend his show.

By Jack Farchy in London and Gregory Meyer in New York  |  FT.COM

Published: December 13 2010 22:31 | Last updated: December 13 2010 22:31

JPMorgan has quietly reduced a large position in the US silver futures market which had been at the centre of a controversy about its impact on global prices for the precious metal.

The decision by JPMorgan was an attempt to deflect public criticism of the bank’s dealings in silver, a person familiar with the matter said.

The person added that the bank’s position in silver would from now on be “materially smaller” than in the past.


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