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The Miami Heat are down 2-3 in the NBA Finals. Should the Heat make it out of this series with a second consecutive Larry Obrien trophy the front office would presumably have no reason to go out and make major changes to the starting 5, however one thing that this championship run has exposed was their weakness in the paint as well as an over reliance on perimeter shooting from all the wrong players.

The Heat have two major problems interior play and perimeter scoring (inside the 3):

Firstly, the Heat need to improve their paint presence. Chris Anderson provided a major boost during the regular season, but has been outclassed throughout much of the playoffs, as their opponent’s all-star level interior play has exposed the team in the low post. This has been evident against Joakim Noah, Roy Hibbert and Tim Duncan who's teams were most successful when the winning the boards battle. The upside is that the Heat have played well when Chris Bosh shows up.

In game 4 Bosh put up big numbers with a double-double, which helped the team out rebound the Spurs by 5. Game 5 turned out to be the mirror opposite on the boards as Tim Duncan put up  12 rebounds and 17 points and that exquisite low post spin move in the 4th that put out Heats late comeback. Although the Spurs put up a record breaking three point shooting, their rebounding and easy points in the paint were what ultimately thwarted any late comeback efforts.

Defensively there may not be a better defender at the 2 position; however perimeter shooting has been Dwayne Wade’s major Achilles heel. At this point in his career Wade should’ve developed or at least shown signs of a sweet jump shot in the making ala Jordan or Kobe. Unlike Wade, LeBron’s perimeter game continues to improve like fine wine. Thus, Wade’s inability to evolve his offensive skill set has hurt his progression and perhaps the major reason why any comparison between him the really great scorers will not happen.

Wade’s offseason Remedy: His new best friend this off season should be Ray Allen.

In all, LeBron has found himself again carrying the load alongside a streaky Dwayne Wade. Like Shaq said this is the big two, when Bosh has been able to perform in the paint they’ve been outstanding, but in the playoffs that’s been the exception, not the rule.

Bosh’s offseason Remedy: Bosh is just not comfortable in his own skin-- the guy is just an overgrown swingman and this works against Wade and LeBrons strengths. Pawn him off to free up some cap space after you’ve work out a deal for Dwight Howard!


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