Ben Bernanke has cut the middleman out of “pump and dump”-- and if you’re shorting you’re making money all the way down too. Markets move fast, but the sure bet right now is the commodities markets. Metals and Agriculture futures are on historic bull runs and that’s where your long money should be for the next 2-5 years, as the markets search for equilibrium.  Oil has begun creating a buzz with talk of it possibly reaching back to its previous highs sometime in 2011 or 2012. Commodity inflation is an ugly reality, but it is the closest thing to honest money in this horrendous financial environment.

In a macro sense, the new economy is a zero sum game. China along with the rest of developing world will crowd the possibilities for regaining lost ground, let alone growth. If you take a step back, the only thing on the rise in the American business sector is an aura of cronyism, underachievement and a general lack of transparency. A return to the pre-2008 era under the current macro conditions is an absurdity and adds new lows to the depths of depravity the mainstream business press is capable of.


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